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Merry Christmas everyone! :D

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Two-time world champion Fernando Alonso has said this week that he would be surprised if McLaren isn't very competitive in 2016.

However, with the recent sponsorship withdrawal from the Swiss watch company TAG Heuer, and the limited time to develop the troubled Honda powertrain, will McLaren/Honda be a team in the front of the grid next year?

(Credits for the awesome picture: Alex Werner Artworks)

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Will the 2017 regulations be the solution to F1's recent lack of entertainment?

From Lap Time Simulation to DIL Simulators: A Simple Intro

It's Halloween, everyone!!! How's a new post for a Halloween treat?

Have you heard of Race Car Simulation? Do you know how it works? How it's used? Read more:


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Everyday is school day... Time to learn a lot more! :D

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It took me a while to tell you that, due to the confidentiality involved. But yeah, I was one of the 10 students to take part in the Infiniti Performance Engineering Academy European finals.

This is a contest promoted by Infiniti Motor Company and Infiniti Red Bull Racing to find the best future engineering talents in the world, giving an opportunity to work 8 months with the Formula One team and 4 months with the automotive company. Learn more about it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvD_BJ3ABng

They had five finals around the world, in Europe, US, China, Saudi Arabia and Russia, each of them with 10 finalists. Unfortunately I didn't win, but finished 5th in the whole continent, among more than 550 applicants (while being the only non-European in the EU finals).

I'm very glad for having this experience, and I would like to thank you all, who support Racing Car Dynamics. This blog was an important step for making it to the finals, and it wouldn't be possible without your support!

I also would like to congratulate Daniel Sanham once more for his well deserved win in the contest, and to wish him luck with his placement year!

Race Car Vehicle Dynamics - RCD - Your tech blog on racing

Race Car Vehicle Dynamics is the branch of Motorsport Engineering that studies interactions in the form of forces and moments among the systems of the car. Learn how it works.


The Absolute Guide to Racing Tires - Part 1 - Lateral Force

Racing tyres are the most important component on a race car.

Learn (or recall) how they generate grip during the corners of a Grand Prix.


Start of the 2015 Hungarian Grand Prix. Yes, I was there, and boy, that was a hell of a race! :D

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Thank you very much for all the support! You guys are amazing! :D

Weight Transfer: What the Books didn't tell you about it

We've been facing some problems with our server this morning due to the high amount of traffic... The problem is fixed now.

In case you couldn't see the new post, here it is:


Weight Transfer: What the Books didn't tell you about it

Yeah, I know I'm in debt with you, but how about a brand new awesome post to make up for that?

Everything the books didn't tell you about lateral weight transfer!


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Am I the only one who watches F1 not only for the purpose of fun? :)

#RaceEngineering #RaceStrategy #F1

And it's alive! Posts describing the modelling process to come... stay tuned! :D

Baja SAE

These are the teams that made the design finals in Baja SAE Maryland! Congrats to all the teams! #BajaMaryland

Mangue Baja - Baja SAE Maryland

Help a Brazilian team of engineering students to race! Good luck guys!

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Happy Easter y'all! :D

How Fast Are You? The Secrets of Speed Data Interpretation

How Fast Are You? The Secrets of Speed Data Interpretation

Read more → http://racingcardynamics.com/speed-data/

Equipe Baja UFMG

Congratulations to the top three universities in Baja SAE Brasil competition!!!

1 - Baja Ufmg
2 - Mangue Baja
3 - Baja Fei

Excellent effort, guys! We'll meet again in May!!!


Congratulations to RIT Baja SAE team for building a new race car and getting it race ready in three days, after their original challenger got stuck in customs!

What you guys did is just amazing! Clutch situations like that show what the true motorsport spirit is all about! That's why we love Baja SAE! I wish you the best luck on tomorrow's race!

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Best of luck to all the teams taking part in Baja SAE Brasil competition, which starts today!!! I wish I could be there!!! #BajaSAEBrasil

Finally got my model of the front suspension of a Formula Renault 3.5 car to work! This is part of my dissertation project, where I will couple a full vehicle model with a driver model (a controller that actuates the car) to use on path optimisation studies. If time allow, I will write some posts to keep you up to date about this project. :)

Understeer and Oversteer - 3 ways suspension affects it

Do you know how the suspension of a racecar affects understeer/oversteer balance? Find out → http://racingcardynamics.com/understeer-and-oversteer/

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Does anybody know which year/model is this? :)

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Got one of the priorities of my #BucketList done:

(X) Attend the Autosport International

Expect some pictures to come...

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Completed the seminar on Racecar Data Acquisition by Jörge Segers, today, and I found out that Jörge actually follows this blog!!! Can't even say how much I have learned! Thank you for the excellent seminar, Jörge!! For the followers of this blog, expect good posts on the data acquisition session to come!!!

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Time to learn!